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System One


Infinity RS1b mid/treble towers rewired in VdH cable and have been adapted for bi-wiring. 
The keyword of this system is isolation.

Isolation from airborne and structural vibration:

* The turntable rests on an Isoplat support which is in turn supported solely on three solid support rods which pass down freely down through the enclosure and floor and locked solidly into three under-floor 50 lb concrete bases.

* The preamplifier and power supply are in turn isolated by using two tier support, the lower supported on air courtesy of Max Townsend supports and the upper via six magnetic repulsion units 'Air-Pods' (so effectively also supported 'on-air').

* The two bass towers are isolated from the suspended floor. 'Spiked' to their own below floor concrete block towers.


ARC SP11 on two- tier isolation platforms


Lumley 120 Monoblocks & NRG A201S


NRG A201 S


Lumley 120 Monoblocks rebiased to Svetlana KT88's (from the original GE 6550's) plus finned tube cooler/dampers. Replaced coupling caps with Jensen oil/copper type (hence the lower chassis extension to accommodate cap size), new faster recovery diodes, reduced global negative feedback & improved component quality.

NRG 401S bass amplifier (200W into 8 ohm, 400W into 4 Ohm, 800W into 2 Ohm and 1500W into 1 ohm) Frequency response 0.4 Hz - 1 MHz -3db Damping factor 500 Min 20Hz -20Khz.

The cartridge is a Koetsu Onyx Gold Level signature (click thumbnail). The turntable a heavily modified MRM Source plus a home-built massive power supply unit (below floor).

The tuner is the excellent Magnum Dynalab 'Etude', no slouch - with its own tuneable RF (pre)-amplifier. Nakamichi CR7E cassette deck, probably the world's best!

Cables, Cogan-Hall. EM for Interconnects and Alto/Fullrange for Mid/treble Speaker Cables. Bass cables 10/4 PTFE/Silver plated copper stranded.

Inside view of the Lumley 120 Power Amplifier
View of the front of the Lumley 120 Power Amplifier
Bass servo spaghetti.......
Spaghetti to active bass crossover unit.....
 View of the front of the Bass servo

All individual equipment is fed from individual spurs direct from the consumer unit. Each spur has ferrite rings at either end.

The isolation of vibration and RF helps produce a very stable focussed sound stage stretching to the outer edges of the towers with no discernable 'hole in middle'. Superb dynamics and very quiet background. Any slight record noise seems to come outwith the soundstage.

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Mike Gilmour.

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