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Dogs Needing Rehoming

Firstly, I must stress that this is not officially the business for which LURCHER SEARCH UK was originally started... we are here to try and find the owners of lost or stolen dogs. However, people DO get in touch with us either with a view to rehoming a lurcher or because they want to give up a lurcher. Because of this, we have started up an organisation called "Lurcher Link" which will act as a point of contact for rescues, dog wardens, vets, stray centres and the public.

Many Lurchers are destroyed each week because stray pounds are full and local rescues have no room to take any in. Yet in other parts of the country people are looking for Lurchers to rehome. Some of the dogs being destroyed are probably stolen ones, taken out of their area and dumped hundreds of miles away. Their owners are still searching for them, but if they aren't microchipped or tattooed, they will probably be unsuccessful.

Our aim is to act as a kind of "Dating Agency" for Lurchers, trying to find the right dog for the right family, from ANY rescue, to make space for other Lurchers to come into rescue and to save these dogs from being pts. We will also act as advisors to people who are newcomers to Lurchers, have behavioural problems with their dogs or just need someone to discuss problems with.

You can find Lurcher Link at: until the website is finished. Alternatively, you can email Kaye and I will take details of dogs from you.

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