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Can You Help Us?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer helper with Lurcher Search UK, telephone 01422 240168 and have a chat about what is involved.

Basically what is needed is someone with a telephone and the ability to group together local contacts. Then, if someone phones you to report a lost dog, you will be able to tell them the right people to contact and can provide moral support while they are trying to find their dog.

Each week we compile a list of the latest missing dogs and send it out to our help liners for their records. You may think a dog sounds familiar, you could have seen it in a local rescue centre, in which case you can see if it matches the description of the missing dog and then contact the record keeper at Lurcher Search UK, who can notify the owner of a possible sighting.

We have a northern branch of Lurcher Search UK now, as we felt that people up north were finding it difficult to attend meetings. What we intend to do is to move each meeting a bit further around the country, so no-one has an excuse for not attending at least one meeting a year!

If you have Internet access, you can join our email list of help liners and get your weekly update electronically. We hope that this technology will be a huge help in our quest to find these missing dogs as time is of the essence. Most people still don't know that a stray dog only has 7 days by law, in a stray kennels, until it is rehomed or destroyed!!!

Our volunteers are people from all walks of life who all have one thing in common............we love our dogs and want to help other people who have become separated from theirs. Can you find time to help us too?

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